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Our mind is a central ruling part of our entire body. It not only manages the muscles, bones, and movement of a human body but also balances the psychology of our Life. We often neglect to look after our mental health and focuses on building an outer coverage. With time, the outer coverage gets weaken, as its internal building blocks are too shaken. This unfocused system results in the failure of fitness and nutrition goals of a body.  


PfitneX not only works on the outer layer but also strengthens the inner body’s requirements. Understanding your mind helps you recognize about the type of nutrition and exercise it requires.

A great mind leads your enzymes to digest your food properly and blend the valuable nutrients in your body.


A calm mind lets your muscles put the right pressure to build and strengthen them; thus, the Mind & Body connection must have an appropriate balance. For outstanding results without causing trouble to your mind, this counselling with experts will help you transform into a new U.

Nutrition Counselling

Eating fresh+ Eating Right is not the only measure that can take you to your desired goal, but Eating Mindfully will! The food you feed your body goes through various physical and psychological changes. If your mind does not accept the food, your body will never grab it in the right portion. 


Understanding the need for essential nutrients and vitamins for your body will let you enjoy your food and helps you maintain your health. PfitneX examine the individuals’ body and suggest the required minerals, vitamins, and nutrients depending on the age and gender.


Training Counselling

Lifting heavy weight and burning 100 calories on a treadmill will not going to put you in good shape, but training your body as per its designing will! Each body is different, and its demands are different too. In such a case, learning about your body’s strength is the only key for transforming into great shape and size. 


PfitneX measures individuals’ body thoroughly to design a perfect fitness plan. Each part of a body requires a unique piece of exercise. Pumping your muscles with weights and shaking your body with cardio in the right way will make your body look healthy and attractive. 

Mental Counselling

Only one thing lacks you behind in your Life’s every goal, and that is Ignoring Your Mental Health. Our mind will never allow us to produce good results if it is not satisfied with the things we are doing at that moment. The vital aspect for achieving goals is to connect with your mind practically rather than emotionally. 


PfitneX reads an individual’s mind to an extent where a mind and a body comes in equilibrium. The settlement of body and mind becomes the ruling power for achieving desired goals. 


Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is the building block of our Life, and most people ignore its importance in daily life. Busy Life, stressful work, and lack of availability of the right food at the right time harm the body. At every phase of Life, our body requires nutrients that are more valuable. Like an infant gets his all vital nutrients from mother’s milk, same way a grown-up body have to inject itself with various colorful vegetable and fruits. 


Adulthood is the most pressure full stage of everybody’s Life, where people busy working on careers, but they forget to prepare themselves for old days coming. 


Working out for your fitness goals and skipping meals will only going to put extra pressure on your muscles. The right quality of food, when eaten in the right amount, will not only help you achieve your dream physique but will help you live your old days healthily. 


PfitneX design meal plans for people of all ages after thoroughly examining their body’s needs. Meals are quick to prepare and delicious to digest that your taste buds can easily adapt to them.

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For Weight Loss/Gain

Consumption of complex carbohydrates with protein-rich food and a moderate amount of unsaturated fats are the demand of this fitness plan.

For 20+, 30+, and 40+

As our body ages, it starts demanding required nutrients. Every person needs to eat as per their goals, age, and body requirements.


For PCOD/Diabetes/ Thyroid

PfitneX helps you achieve your fitness goals no matter what medical conditions you are going through. Women and Men suffering from PCOD, Diabetes, or Thyroid can achieve a fit and healthy body by feeding the right nutrition.


Toning and training is vital for shaping your body. Nutrition alone is not going to give you the desired result. Similarly, training alone will not give you the best results if you do not inject your body with the right amount of food. What you put inside your body, your body needs to use that energy to build a perfect figure. 


Many people fail in their fitness goals because they do not know how and when to train a body part. Every muscle in the human body is designed to support the Life of a person and protects the human cells by providing them the right posture. 


PfitneX has designed training programs for individuals with distinct fitness goals. Individuals with weight loss goals and muscle building goals can find their training plans at PfitneX. Trainers who are experienced and winners of bodybuilding competition have collaborated with PfitneX to help each individual irrespective of its age and gender, to achieve their transformed body. 


A toned and well-built body gives you the confidence to stand up among many, boost self-esteem to move forward in Life, and protects your body from the toxic waste we put in our body.

Weight Loss/Gain

Our trainers will design a training chart to keep you fit and fabulous!

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Body Toning

Give yourself a chance to look young again with body toning training. Tighten the loose skin with weights and exercise, and sweat the right way!

Competition Level

If you have a plan to step into a fitness-modeling world, our bodybuilding winners have designed a perfect plan for you to accomplish the winning in the first go! 

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Yoga is a powerful soothing process, which is in the world from ancient times. All the yogis used to practice Yoga and meditation every day early in the morning. They found out that to understand the universal living structure of a human body, Yoga is a tool. 


Three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) run our body; if any of the dosha gets out of its balance, it causes trouble to all the other two doshas. The disbalance of three doshas is responsible for making a person feel sick physically and mentally. Yoga helps to keep these doshas in place and offers a peaceful sensation in the entire body. 


PfitneX follows the style of Yoga and helps each individual to keep their body’s doshas in place. The best thing about Yoga is that people from 4 years to 40 years and above can adapt the style and functioning of Yoga any time of the day. 

Mind Balance Yoga_pfitnex.jpeg

Mind Balance Yoga

Understanding your mind with Yoga will help you forget about your daily stress. Practicing mind yoga each day will make you a mentally strong person.

Body Calming Yoga

Body calming Yoga gives your body a flexible structure and relaxes your nerves to make the blood flow properly. Body Yoga gives a natural glow to your skin by supplying the blood to the right places. 

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Everyone is caught up with the stress and pressure today. People are forgetting about the importance of keeping their minds healthy. The ignorance of mental health leads to failure in personal and professional relationships. Balance your mind and body with ten minutes of meditation plan curated by PfitneX.